Hysterectomy Blog Day 2 : All The Thank You’s

Hysterectomy Blog Day 2 : All The Thank You’s

Feb 5 2019

It’s good to be a patient once in a while, to feel the vulnerability, the fear, the surrender, the pain, the awkwardness, the hope.

It gives me fresh empathy and fills me with resolute to be present for my patients.

Thank you to my parents in India for their ardent prayers and blessings.
Thank you to my beloved Mike for his loving support, kindness and patience.
Thank you to my OBGYN colleague and friend of many years Dr Igor Brondz for a smooth successful surgery.
Thank you to my ex Harry for looking after the girls so their lives continue with minimal disruption.
Thank you to my brother Arun for pep talks and spontaneous visits.
Thank you to my friend Jessie an integrative OBGYN who shared wonderful tips for quick healing.
Thank you to Becky of SymBowl and Monica of  PuraVegan Cafe for creating delicious nourishing broths and anti inflammatory soups and smoothies.
Thank you to Tosha for taking care of our doggies.
Thank you to my Glennon Pediatrics colleagues and staff who are holding down the fort as I recover and heal.
Thank you to my soul sisters my inner circle that loves me unconditionally you know who you are.
Thank you to my patients/families who have sent me beautiful wishes and held me in their prayers for healing.
Deeply grateful for this experience of letting go of parts of me that added great value to my physical and spiritual life but have served their purpose. #hysterectomyrecovery

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